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Store your crypto and earn interest paid out in Bitcoin, Ether, Tether and Terra KRT every day with no fuss and no stress.

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Keep Your Crypto Asset Smart

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No Lock-Up

We know the time-sensitive nature of crypto-asset well enough. There’s no need to lock-up your asset, access your crypto anytime, anywhere.

highest interest rate

Highest Interest Rate

We aim to provide the highest interest rates around. Open an account now to take advantage of our great rates.

daily compount interest

Daily Compound Interest

Experience the power of daily compound interest. You can check your savings growing every day.


Earn additional 
interest with 
monthly lock-up

Monthly Deposits allow you to collect additional interest with terms as 
short as one month. You can withdraw the interest earned from a Monthly Deposit 
at any time without penalty.

Variable Interest Rate Disclosure
Rates are subject to change. Please see our Terms of Service  for more information
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People Choose

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Being a company in the crypto industry, we have deposits in Bitcoin and Ethereum usually kept in exchanges or cold wallets. HaruBank was a great option for us to keep our crypto asset as they provide us additional interest. Especially, their strong intention for transparency in terms of asset management led us to trust HaruBank.

CEO / CTO at Xangle

Inside Harubank

Crafters of 

HaruBank is made up of a team of crypto professionals from within Block Crafters. The HaruBank team is passionate about the potential of crypto finance, and founded HaruBank to empower crypto asset.

Block Crafters Capital, a Singapore based blockchain investment firm is the HaruBank’s primary asset management partner.

To learn more about Block Crafters, how HaruBank operates and the behind story of HaruBank, please visit our blog.

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More and more people are using HaruBank 
to keep their crypto asset smart.


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